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Really, it’s anything you want it to be.

Here at Nurturing Learner™ we will provide you the Global platform where you can express yourself to the world. Welcome to your own terrain of creativity to profess your philosophy. It’s your own personalized webpage


The article must provide insight, trends and case studies and discussion on the professional domains like Management/ Engineering/Pharma. You may also add your valuable learning and experience towards soft skills and employability.


The content must be original and not previously published online or in print form. The content must be 100% unique (should not be copyright by any other source).

You must agree to sign a copyright agreement. By signing the same, you will agree not to publish the same content anywhere else (not even your own blog or website). You may however, post a brief or summary on your site or social media platforms that links to the post on

We may edit your post for grammar, punctuation spelling etc, if we make substantial changes, we may email the post back to you for your approval before publishing


Provide a short gist conclusion of your article emphasizing on the context behind the article


You can also post comments on the published article to increase user engagement


Ensure the content of the article is toughly researched and the latest. The content must add value the reader as well as our online community


Should be relevant and appear natural to the topic. Use interesting and catchy headings and subheadings throughout the article.

Article Length

The post should be at least 500 words and should not exceed 900 words

Should be natural and engaging throughout

A). All communication needs to be done through
B). The article must be in Word format (.docx/.doc); otherwise, it will not be accepted
C). Image attached should be clear and the resolution should 500*350 pixels. For charts/graphs, please ensure you provide them in .jpeg / .gif / .png format. It is mandatory to have minimum two graphical images or diagrams to explain the topic. Ensure Image contain concise alternative texts and captions that accurately describe them (Note: We may also use our own Image).
D). Remember to include credits and sources used in your pictures/charts/graphs and data

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