What are Different Types of Interview

Are You Ready for different type of interviews? Learn how to be.

Companies hold different types of interviews to gauge many things like job applicants’ qualifications; their abilities, their experience, their skill set, motivation, and fit with the team. In turn, Interviews are also an opportunity for job applicants to evaluate the company.

It’s your Life, Make it Large! Learn about different types of interviews:

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The Telephone Interview

 What to Expect: A call from an employer to judge the candidates based on essential criteria. An employer may call you even without an appointment to measure your preparedness. Another reason why Employer do Telephonic interview is in order to get a better understanding of the type of candidate you are

 Tips: Have your potential records organized and handy. Refer to your latest resume as needed. You should speak confidently, slowly and correctly, and try to answer all the questions that are asked.

The Face-to-Face Interview

What to Expect: This type of interview is done with the same basic purpose of initial screening, providing an initial impression of your attitude, interest and professional style.

Tips: You may not be meeting with the final decision maker, but don’t slack off. Sell yourself as you should do during the final decision maker round.

The Selection Interview

What to Expect: Detailed questions to assess your qualifications for the position and your aptitude to fit in. There may be more than one interview at this phase.

Tips: Set up a connection with everyone you meet. Sell yourself as a team member to the team. Focus on HOW part rather that WHAT

The Case Interview

What to Expect: This type of interview deals with work-related situations, so be prepared to face questions in this context only. This provides more information about your behavior, personality, and character.

Tips: Fortune favours the prepared mind. Think of a few examples ahead of time. Use examples that illustrate your skills, knowledge and give a good impression of you.

Portfolio Based Interviews

 What to Expect: This type of Interviews gives you a chance to show your work. You make show your portfolio, a presentation about your skills and work, solving a typical problem exercise, or other demonstration of your skills.

Tips: Run through different ways to describe the work and skills used in your portfolio. Practice your presentation until it is perfect.

The Peer group

What to Expect: Small meeting with your prospective coworkers to explore how you fit with the team.

Tips: Don’t forget to smile and greet warmly. It shows openness and confidence in your personality.

The Group or panel Interview

What to Expect: Group of panel comprising of three or more people asking questions on your qualifications and trying to assess how you fit with the team. It may sometimes include other candidates for the position.

Tips: you should direct your answer to the person who asked the question, keep some eye contact with the group and keep a smile on face. If other candidates are present, then first introduce yourself politely. Try to respond first to a few questions, but do not try to dominate the entire interview. Compliment another candidate’s response and then build on it with your own thoughts.

The Breakfast or Lunch Interview

What to Expect: This type of Interview is carried out in a restaurant to assess how well you carry yourself in social situations.

Tips: Always pick easy things to eat so you can answer questions and pay attention to the conversation. If the location for interview is a coffee shop, the interviewer is probably looking for a more casual conversation.

The Stress Interview

What to Expect: Questions intended to make you uncomfortable or annoyed and to test how you will handle stress on the job.

Tips: Keep yourself cool and patently respond to the questions. Don’t take anything personally else you will respond erratic.

The Video conference Interview

What to expect: in this type of interview, use of technology for a “person-to-person” interview by video is done. This help employer to interview candidates from different locations without any travel.

Tips: Practice before a video camera, mirror, or via Skype specially, if facing a camera during an interview makes you nervous.

The Competency Based Interviews

What to Expect: These type of interview are structured to reflect the competencies the employer is looking for the particular job. These are usually given in job spec so make sure you read it through, and have your answers ready. Questions can be “Give me an instance of a time you worked as a team to achieve a common goal.”

Tips: Stable and Prepared Mind is crucial in displaying your competency during the interview

Prepared mind and right attitude are the key to a successful interview. Spend time getting ready for your interview. Review common interview questions and practice.

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